GDPR for Schools – New Website

Date: May 18, 2018

NABMSE is pleased to announce that the interactive resource on GDPR for schools is now available at  This resource sets out to be an overview of the GDPR for primary and post-primary schools.  The project has been a collaborative model with the other management bodies and supported by the DES. The structure of the website ensures that all personnel in a school can have access to the resources.

Content Description
Need to Know This section of the website allows for the viewer to interact with the five key steps in creating awareness around the GDPR
Becoming aware
Key changes
Becoming Accountable
Roles and Responsibilities
Need to Do The GDPR emphasises transparency, security and accountability by data controllers.  This section of the website sets out ten action steps the whole staff can take to start building compliance under the GDPR.
Roles The BOM, Principal and whole staff will all have responsibilities with respect to the data processing activities the school engages in and the actions that are needed to take place to become GDPR compliant.  This section of the website views the roles from the lens of the key players in the school environment.
Getting Started This section of the website provides an informal overview of the GDPR for Board members.  The style of this section of the website is in the form of an audio powerpoint presentation.  This resource can form part of the Board’s training and awareness in relation to its responsibilities under the GDPR.
File Downloads Here you will find PDF scripts to copy or circulate within your school community.
There is also an overview of the role of the Data Protection Officer (ETB schools).
In addition, there is an template Privacy Notice for Students
This section of the website will be added to in time.
Links Topical websites for further browsing on GDPR