Governance Manual for Primary schools 2015-2019 and Election Circular published by DES

Date: Sep 17, 2015

The Department of Education and Skills have just published the new Governance Manual for Primary Schools. 10 copies of this manual will be distributed to all primary schools int he coming weeks.Please note that 2011 Booklet continues to apply to existing Boards until the end of their term of office – 30th November 2015
The document has been renamed and the updated provisions governing composition, appointment and functioning of Boards of Management assuming office from 1st December are now included in the new document.
Election of new Boards of Management:
The procedures set out in the Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2015-2019 for the election of new Boards must now be activated. This process can take up to 9 weeks maximum but can be completed earlier depending on the particular option chosen for the election of the parents’ nominees or where the selection proceeds without recourse to an election (i.e. where the maximum number of nominees does not exceed the number of places).
The maximum timeframe for elections is set out in the Appendix to Circular 052/2015. Under this timeframe each new Board shall assume office from 1 December 2015. The term of all outgoing Boards shall expire on 30 November 2015.
To download the manual, please click here
To download Circular 052/2015 on Elections, please click here
If you have any queries or require clarifications on any aspect of the Circular or Governance Manual, please contact the NABMSE office.