About Us

National Association of Boards of Management in Special Education (NABMSE) is the management voice of Special Education in Ireland. NABMSE provides a countrywide representation of Boards of Management of Special Schools and Mainstream Schools that provide education for pupils with low and high incidence special educational needs.

NABMSE has over 300 members from Special and Mainstream schools. An Executive Committee is elected by the members at its Annual General Meeting, normally held in October. The Executive Committee members, working as volunteers, are responsible for running the organization.

NABMSE policies are based on relevant legislation in the education and disability areas such as the Education Act 1998, The Equal Status Act 2000, and the Education for Persons with Special Education Needs Act (EPSEN) 2004. The policy of the organization is also derived from motions passed at the Annual General Meeting. Motions are usually issues of importance and concern to Boards of Management in Special Education and are forwarded and discussed by member Boards at the AGM. These motions are followed up and lobbied for by NABMSE with the relevant Department or Agency on behalf of our members.