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Minister Foley advances process to resolve the claim by school caretakers

27 May 2024

A survey is being issued to all recognised primary and post-primary schools regarding school caretakers, following the successful implementation of a range of measures on the terms and conditions (including the provision of a payroll service) for school secretaries.

Caretakers are employed directly by many of the 3,089 primary schools and 722 post-primary schools. The purpose of the survey is to gather information from schools who employ grant-funded caretakers regarding the current rates of pay and hours worked by caretakers. As caretakers are employed by schools, it is necessary for the Department to engage with the school sector to gather this important information. This is also the process which was used in relation to school secretaries. This survey will facilitate further engagement with Forsa – the union representing school caretakers.

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Published by Department of Education, 27th May 2024

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