Statement from NABMSE 14 January 2021

Date: Jan 14, 2021

Statement from NABMSE (National Association of Boards of Management in Special Education)
NABMSE and its member schools are deeply concerned about issues emerging for parents, pupils, staff and Boards of Management as schools are closed due to Covid 19 related matters.
We are in ongoing discussions with Ministers Foley and Madigan and the Department of Education as we endeavour to find solutions to the problems identified, so that all can return, as soon as possible, to a safe school environment. In the course of very constructive meetings over the past week we have had an opportunity to raise and discuss a range of issues of concern to our members – and we expect a communication from the Department of Education and Skills on all related matters in the coming days.
Our Boards of Management, who want to get these special schools and special classes open, must also ensure that all possible and reasonable steps are taken to ensure the safety of our pupils, staff, families and the wider communities involved.  The welfare and wellbeing of our pupils will, as always, be the central consideration of our Boards of Management as we work towards the partial re-opening of schools and special classes.
For contact: NABMSE – 045 533 753