Statement from NABMSE 20 January 2021

Date: Jan 20, 2021

Statement from the National Association of Boards of Management in Special Education (NABMSE) 
NABMSE, as the voice of Management in Special Education, is very disappointed that it was not possible to find a formula by which all special schools and special classes could open tomorrow. This is particularly so, as we know the immense difficulty and burden this is creating for families all around the country.
Our members, our school Boards of Management have a duty of care to the welfare and wellbeing of our pupils and their families, and all the staff who provide the service in those schools.
We understand the disappointment of the announcements made last night and we sincerely hope that we get a more positive announcement in the immediate future.
Everyone involved in these negotiations is seeking a way forward and we, in NABMSE, are a solution focused organisation, who wishes to seek a way forward. All our school Boards of Management, not alone have a responsibility for the safety of pupils and staff in the school, but also to families and communities as we deal with this particular virus.
NABMSE will be continuing discussions with the Department of Education and Skills and all stakeholders so as to find a much-needed solution. Our Boards of Management are determined to do everything possible to get our schools opened for the benefit of our children and their families – that has been and is our ongoing priority.
Caroline Quinn
Chairperson, NABMSE