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NABMSE is pleased to announce that Mary Moore has been appointed as the Data Protection Officer to special schools and NABMSE member schools, effective from the 15th August 2022.

Mary is an experienced member of NABMSE’s staff and has developed a wide-ranging knowledge of the organisation and the challenges facing its members. Through her interactions with our member schools, Mary has gained an understanding of the GDPR concerns impacting Special Education. This experience, coupled with her qualification in Data Protection, ensures that Mary is well placed to support special schools and member schools in all aspects of GDPR compliance and practice.

Phone: 045 533 471        Email: dpo@nabmse.ie

The DPO’s responsibility is to support schools in becoming compliant with current and future data protection regulations.

The role of the DPO is:

  • To lead the development, implementation and maintenance of effective data retention and retrieval policies and procedures in schools.
  • To support all work required to ensure and maintain GDPR compliance, including advice on all aspects of data privacy across schools.
  • To ensure that schools are compliant with GDPR and support all aspects of data management and data protection governance with a focus on the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related Data Protection legislation.

DES Support

NABMSE wishes to acknowledge the funding it has received from the Department of Education and Skills to provide this vital support to schools.